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“Resuscitation of infants at birth has been the subject of

many articles. Seldom have there been such imaginative

ideas, such enthusiasms, and dislikes, and such

unscientific observations and study about one clinical


Virginia Apgar

Research on delivery room management has improved since Virginia Apgar’s complain more than half a century ago. Since that time scientific evidence has changed and different studies were published. Since 2009 the  “Symposium on DR-management” traditionally provides a platform for scientific exchange for European clinicians and researchers with a special interest in that field.

The “Symposium on Hypothermia” was initiated as a platform for the German Hypothermienetzwerk ( In 2013 we invited European participants to join the symposium since all presentations were held  both in English and German (simultaneous translation).

Since 2012  we have established  a “Video-Session” (to give every participant the opportunity to present videos of DR-management and share the practical experience with others) and a “Meet the Expert” (to discuss clinical problems with internationally well known neonatologist). In 2013 we introduced the  “Clinical Case” session – a chance to present patients and discuss indication for hypothermic therapy.

The scientific program of the meeting in Dresden is annually developed by the scientific advisory board, consisting of active members of the European Scientific Collaboration of Neonatal Resuscitation (ESCNR) and the German Hypothermienetzwerk.

Delivery Room Management         

Asphyxia and Hypothermia


“Nobody, but nobody, is going to stop breathing on me.”

Is what the anesthesiologist-researcher Dr. Virginia Apgar (1909-1974) was known to say when struggling to resuscitate  a newborn.

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